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Automated Fare Collection System Operators Association

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Our Mission

While automated fare collection (AFC) systems are newer compared to other industries and technologies, they face unique early-stage challenges that demand prompt solutions.

In the ever-evolving realm of public transit, we're entering a transformative era marked by rapid advancements in fare collection systems. These systems aren't just about keeping pace with technological innovations; they also need to align seamlessly with shifts in public transport dynamics, payment methodologies, and the nuanced expectations of passengers in this digital age.

At the heart of AFCSOA's philosophy is the belief that automation is not an end in itself. Striking a balance is paramount – ensuring all stakeholders, from regional transport authorities to the daily commuter, experience efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness in the solutions we champion.

Our commitments at the Automated Fare Collection System Operators Association are:

  • Educating both industry affiliates and the general public.
  • Serving as a knowledgeable voice on pivotal concerns.
  • Propelling forward-thinking solutions for automated fare payments within the public transportation sector.

Challenges we address

As the transportation industry embarks on a digital transformation, AFCSOA proactively navigates the complexities of Automated Fare Collection Systems, ensuring fluid and efficient transit experiences for all.

Avoiding Vendor Lock-in

In our commitment to fostering innovation and flexibility within the Automated Fare Collection realm, AFCSOA emphasizes the importance of steering clear of vendor lock-in. By advocating for systems that are interoperable and not restricted to a single provider, we enable transit authorities to adapt, evolve, and select the most suitable technologies and services tailored to their distinct needs.

Bridging Tech and Regulation

In an era where technology often outpaces policy, our mission is to harmonize advanced AFC solutions with the evolving regulatory landscape. We envision a future where both tech and policy grow in harmony, crafting a balanced and efficient transit ecosystem.


True standardization doesn't mean a uniform approach for all. While we champion the freedom to pick technologies and tailor systems to specific requirements, we also advocate for foundational principles, such as integrity, security, and scalability. These standards are pivotal for the reliable and effective operation of automated fare collection systems.

What we do

At AFCSOA, we empower Automated Fare Collection stakeholders, including public transit authorities and agencies, with expertise, education, and resources to navigate and excel in a rapidly-evolving transportation landscape.


Our team, enriched with industry veterans, provides insights and strategies to drive AFC advancements.


We offer workshops and training, updating members on the latest AFC trends and technologies.


We deliver bespoke consultation, aligning with the distinct challenges faced by each AFC system operator.

Regulatory Frameworks

We diligently craft regulatory acts, technical specifications, protocols, and standards to foster consistency, security, and innovation in the AFC realm.

Operational Assistance

Supporting AFC system operators, we provide tools and resources to optimize operations and achieve peak efficiency.