Automated Fare Collection System Operators Association
We unite the interests and capabilities of municipalities and authorities, public transport and system operators, vendors, developers and passengers
Our mission
Automated fare collection systems have entered our lives relatively recently and are in the initial stages of their development and evolution. They should be in line with current changes and trends in public transport, payment technologies, passenger behavior and digitalization of everyday life.

In such conditions it is important to ensure balance of interests of all involved participants, to offer really effective and rational solutions, to avoid "automation for the sake of automation", substitution of concepts and "wrong turns".

With this in mind, the Automated Fare Collection System Operators Association has been founded. It also provides education and expertise, addresses pressing issues and develops solutions in the field of fare collection and payments for the public transportation industry.

Many AFC suppliers develop their systems under closed specifications, which slows down the technological progress in the industry, leads to higher costs and covert monopolies.
As is usually the case, technology is ahead of legislative regulation. Keeping IT innovations and the regulatory framework 'in sync' is an integral part of the successful and efficient operation of automated fare collection systems.
That does not mean that everyone must work the same way. On the contrary, there must be freedom of technology choice and tailoring the systems to specific needs. It is important to observe uniform approaches and principles, among which integrity, security and scalability. These are minimum requirements for the efficient operation of automated fare collection systems.
Vendor lock-in
Our goals
Since automated fare collection (AFC) systems have been functioning relatively recently compared to other industries and technologies, there are a number of "baby" problems and acute issues in the area that require fast reactions.